Microsoft gives Xbox Series S developers more memory to improve graphics performance

Microsoft is giving Xbox Series S game developers more control over their console’s memory. A new Xbox SDK was recently released that gives developers more memory to access Xbox Series S games and improves the performance of some games.

“Hundreds of megabytes of additional memory are now available to Xbox Series S developers,” says the Microsoft Game Development team. In the video Detailed updates. “This gives developers more control over memory, which can improve graphics performance in low-memory environments. »

The $299 Xbox Series S was launched as a console capable of playing games at 1440p at up to 120fps, but many games only reach 1080p and no higher frame rates than the more powerful Xbox Series X. The GPU is much more powerful , but it also has 16GB of RAM, while the smaller Xbox Series S only has 10GB. Developers have to work with roughly 8GB of memory on the Series S, while Microsoft leaves about 2GB for operating system tasks.

These limitations were due to the memory detailed by Digital Foundry and developers felt some pain optimizing games for the Xbox Series S. It’s a less powerful CPU and GPU than the Xbox Series S, especially since the S series has the same processor as Xbox Series S. X but in a larger memory state. Microsoft’s improvements, while small, could help reduce some of the friction involved in developing Xbox Series S games.

Microsoft has also fixed an issue that causes default graphic titles to be assigned much more slowly than default non-graphic titles, which means Xbox games can now better take advantage of other recent memory improvements that Microsoft has added to the Xbox Dev Toolkit. Fingers crossed All of this means that we will soon see performance improvements in some games running on the Xbox Series S.

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