Microsoft introduces development tools for Windows 10X

Microsoft took advantage of its 365 Developer Day conference to
launch new developer tools for Windows 10X and dual screen interfaces. If the publisher
specifies that Windows 10 works by default on dual screen terminals,
adaptation of third-party applications will still be necessary to
fully exploit this new form factor. Developers will have
including a Windows 10X emulator with which they will be able
view the final result. A precious tool knowing that there is not yet
terminal on Windows 10X on the market. Indeed, the Surface Neo of
Microsoft will not be released until the end of the year.

According to the specifications of Windows 10X, the applications
can operate in extended mode on both screens, in shared mode with
the main window on one screen and the tools on the second, or
multitasking with two open applications side by side. Xamarin, the tool for
Microsoft cross-platform development, also benefits from support
double screen charge. (Eureka Press)


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