Microsoft introduces new OneNote features

Microsoft has detailed some of the changes to its OneNote note-taking app.

This month, Microsoft introduced new page sorting features and the ability to update the app when the device is locked. He also mentioned upcoming features such as AI-assisted dictation, the ability to insert photos from the camera, and a new sharing experience.

Combine two OneNote apps

However, Microsoft is yet to complete the merger of its two OneNote apps available for Windows. One of them is installed with Office, while the other OneNote app for Windows 10 is available in the Store. The goal is to create a single OneNote app for Windows, reported last August, but that evolution is happening gradually over a 12-month period.

“We’re bringing the two apps together so you can enjoy the simplicity of one OneNote app on Windows. The OneNote for Windows app continues to get new features, incorporating the core features of OneNote for Windows 10,” Microsoft explains in a blog post.

The latest OneNote app available through Microsoft 365 comes preinstalled with Office on Windows 11 and can be downloaded as a standalone app for free.

windows 11 design

The improvements Microsoft shared today are for OneNote for Windows only.

OneNote received a visual update inspired by Windows 11, including rounded windows in December, just like other Office applications. The May Updates bring these improvements to the OneNote navigation bar and full-screen mode. The Windows 11 theme and desktop wallpaper are also displayed in the application window.

“We worked on every rounded corner and every animation to take the app to the next level,” says Microsoft.

Track Changes

A new indicator lets you know which pages and sections have unread changes. The optional “Simplified Ribbon” (as opposed to the “Classic Ribbon”) allows users to create more space for content. Ribbon options are available from the drop-down menu to the right of the shortcut toolbar.

OneNote users will soon be able to capture more ideas with their voice, drawing tools, camera, and AI-enhanced voice commands to format, edit, and organize text. For example, users can say “delete this” to edit the text, or “pause dictation”.

Future features combine transcription and annotation in Office. This combination allows users to record audio while the user is commenting on the document. When viewing a document, the annotation is read synchronously with the entry. OneNote will also have an automatic punctuation feature in the dictation settings.

Sharing Notebooks

The page sorting feature allows users to sort pages alphabetically, by date created and date modified, or using the existing drag-and-drop feature for manual sorting.

In addition, the new sharing experience allows users to share an entire notebook or copy a link to a notebook. You can also email a copy of the page to share a single page without sharing your entire notebook.

Camera image insertion and sharing updates are currently only available through the Office Insider Program.

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