Microsoft is adding Snapchat-like stories to the Xbox app for iOS and Android

The concept of time-limited stories has gained popularity on social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Citing the popularity of stories, Microsoft has now picked up on the trend and added Snapchat-like stories to its Xbox app on iOS and Android so that players can share disappearing content with friends and the Xbox community.

Microsoft recently published a post on its official blog about the new features and changes coming to the Xbox app for Android and iOS.

As part of the May update, the Xbox app will support Snapchat or Instagram-like stories, allowing players to create, share, and view stories in the Xbox community. The company says the Stories feature “allows you to showcase your skills and stay up to date with friends.”

After updating their Xbox app on Android and iOS, users will see a new Stories carousel at the top of the app’s home page. There will also be user’s player tags, as well as a “+” button that will allow them to add their own stories to the platform. Users will also be able to add captions to their stories.

Users are said to be able to share a game clip, screenshot, or in-game achievement in their stories, and it will be available for 72 hours. This is much longer than the 24-hour window on Snapchat, Instagram, and other platforms. Shared stories also remain in the user’s activity feed on their profile for as long as viewers view them.

Traction in Australia

Microsoft has also added support for priority beacons for latency-sensitive outbound network traffic such as group chat, console streaming, and multiplayer. The company has added a new Quality of Service (QoS) identification option to support a new priority feature and prevent connectivity issues during periods of high congestion on supported networks. Users can find the new QoS setting under Network Settings under the General section of the Settings menu in the app.

Regarding the availability of the update, it is currently rolling out to users in Australia. However, Microsoft has confirmed that the update will soon be available in other Xbox-supported regions. Although he did not provide an exact release schedule. So stay tuned for further updates.

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