Microsoft is testing a widget for its Game Pass in Windows 11

A new Game Pass widget has just been rolled out in Windows 11 Preview for Insiders.

Microsoft just released a new build of Windows 11 to Insiders on the Developer Channel. This new build number 25174 introduces Microsoft’s first new widget for Windows 11. And it’s likely to appeal to gamers in particular.

Indeed, this new widget is entirely dedicated to Microsoft Game Pass. Microsoft presents this widget preview as “a window into the vast Game Pass for PC library.” It will actually display the latest titles that have been added to the offer as well as those about to be withdrawn. The widget, which should also highlight specific game categories, will take you directly to the Xbox app to start installing suggested games, access reviews, and more.


However, the widget can evolve. Microsoft explains that it’s hard at work, for example, to let you connect to your Xbox profile or quickly launch a game you’ve recently played right from that famous widget.

Insiders who install this build, available on the Developer Channel, can activate the Game Pass widget by going to the Windows 11 widget settings toolbar.

New in File Explorer

In addition to introducing a new widget, Microsoft is using this build to introduce new behavior in File Explorer. Now, when you wheel-click on a directory in the navigation pane, it automatically opens in a new explorer tab. Please note that this feature may not be available to all Insiders yet, as Microsoft has apparently not yet finished rolling out tabs in File Explorer for the Developer Channel Insiders.

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