Microsoft makes Xbox Series X | S faster in new update

Microsoft has found a way to increase the speed on Xbox Series X consoles | FROM

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Microsoft cuts Xbox Series X boot time by five seconds | S in a future update.

A new update has been added for members of the Xbox Insider program who have noticed a much faster experience on both devices.

The speed increase comes after a rather ingenious tweak: Microsoft simply replaced longer animations with shorter ones, and a 25% speed increase was seen in the process.

It turns out that this update doesn’t just speed up the current generation of Xbox consoles. According to Xbox One chief Jake Rosenberg, Xbox One loading times are also decreasing.

The issue here is that you need to run your Xbox in power saving mode to see the speed improvements. If your console is in sleep mode, it will never turn off completely, so you never have to turn everything on.

Of course, this makes a few seconds of power saving mode more attractive, and since you save on your energy bills and help make the world a better and cleaner place, everyone benefits from it. It’s now also the default for Xbox, which is great, although companies like Microsoft and Sony have put a lot of effort into increasing how quickly you can get back to playing games from sleep using the quick recovery features.

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