Microsoft pushes Internet Explorer 11 to be phased out sooner than expected

Microsoft is urging companies that use Internet Explorer 11 for their existing apps and websites to get ahead of the game and get rid of the Redmond-based firm’s iconic browser weeks before its official end-of-life date of June 15, 2022.” that waiting for what to happen can be stressful, especially in complex IT environments. Instead of waiting, we recommend that you plan your own internal retirement date,” Eric Kahn Elstin, Microsoft Senior Executive, recently said in a blog post.

And to assure that “the best way to prepare for IE deactivation after June 15th is to remove IE in your organizations well in advance by June 15th.” This advice from Microsoft management came six weeks before the official IE 11 retirement, which was announced in May 2021.

In fact, companies are actually encouraged to take steps to remove Internet Explorer from their fleet in one go, including identifying sites using the old browser and making sure that Chromium Edge’s IE mode is working properly.

Speed ​​up IE end of life

As a reminder, IE mode in Microsoft Edge is supported until at least 2029 to give web developers eight years to modernize existing apps and eventually make IE mode obsolete. After customers test IE mode on a smaller scale, Microsoft recommends that you set an IE disable policy rollout date rather than waiting for the browser’s official end-of-life date. “We recommend that this date be set a few weeks before June 15th to allow time for any issues to be resolved,” says Eric Kahn Elstin.

Microsoft also recommends that users import their data from IE to Edge prior to the IE retirement date. Users can copy and paste edge://settings/importData into Edge’s address bar and then select “Microsoft Internet Explorer” from the options under “Import from”.

This is not the first time that Microsoft has tried to speed up the removal of Internet Explorer by browser users. Prior to this last tip, the company made changes to Windows 11 and Windows 10 to restore some of the features that were causing Edge IE mode to fail on legacy sites after disabling IE 11. These changes should give administrators more confidence in deploying an IE disable policy… as long as they have the latest versions of Windows installed on their PC.

Source: .com

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