Microsoft says businesses can now disable Internet Explorer

Microsoft has already removed Internet Explorer, but users are being redirected to Microsoft Edge in stages.

The company says, however, that organizations looking to get rid of Internet Explorer can now turn to the Disable IE Policy, which gives them more control over the removal process.

“Companies that don’t want to wait for a sequential redirect, or prefer to remove IE11 from all their users at once via Group Policy, are strongly advised to disable the IE policy to control the timing and deployment of the process. for their users. Using this strategy gives you the ability to set your own timeline with your users and communicate the transition accordingly. You can specify exactly when IE will be removed from your environment,” the software giant explained in the announcement.

The policy works in the most simple way: it redirects all requests to Microsoft Edge while removing IE11 icons from the start menu and taskbar.

Microsoft says organizations still running Internet Explorer must enable this policy by November 1st.

get ready now

“Instead of waiting for Windows to update later, we strongly recommend that organizations that have implemented IE mode and are ready to exit IE use an IE disable policy to control when and how IE is disabled,” the company said in a statement.

“We suggest that you first deploy the IE disable policy on small groups of devices to mitigate the risk if there are hidden IE dependent site doors, and then deploy it to your entire organization once you determine which sites are missing. Since many organizations have end-of-the-year IT outages and end-of-year holidays, we recommend putting IE shutdown policy in place by November 1, 2022 to avoid surprises and outages when websites relying on IE , were skipped.”

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