Microsoft Store: Higher Paid PC Game Developers

Business news Microsoft Store: Higher Paid PC Game Developers

Since the Epic Games Store arrived on the market with a particularly aggressive policy and especially since the American publisher left to face the giant Apple in an endless legal battle, the world of video games is gradually changing. After the firm at the apple therefore, which has finally decided to reduce its commission rate on the App Store, at least for developers who earn less than a million dollars in annual sales, it is therefore the turn from Microsoft to make a move for video game makers.

We can never say it enough, to keep a machine alive, and more particularly a digital store like the Epic Games Store, Steam, PlayStation Store or even Microsoft Store, you need games, and to have games, you obviously need developers who accept the different conditions, starting with the price. From this, Microsoft is perfectly aware of this, and it is for this first reason that the American manufacturer decides to align itself with the policy undertaken a few months earlier by Epic Games. The goal? Improve the PC video game market.

It is the developers who make it possible for us to bring great games to our players and we want them to be successful on our platforms. That’s why we’re announcing today that we’re updating the Microsoft Store Terms for PC Developers. Microsoft

In fact, in order to support the creations of the various developers working on PC productions, the bulk of the net income generated by sales of games on the Microsoft Store PC will, from August 1, be redistributed to creators. As for the Epic Games Store therefore, each purchase made on the Microsoft Store will bring 88% of income to the various studios, against 70% today.

In addition to aligning with the competition, this new step for the digital store of the American giant makes it possible to revalue the PC market by leaving greater freedom and approach to developers. Obviously, to accentuate this new policy even more, Microsoft continues to deploy more and more tools to facilitate the work of the various studios. The firm of Satya Nadella obviously takes as an example DirectX 12 Ultimate which is now deployed on Xbox Series X | S as well as on PC or even DirectX 12 Agility, which was announced more recently and which is still under development.

We know we have a lot of work to do, but the feedback from PC gamers and developers gives us confidence that we are heading in the right direction for the community with the investments we are making. We’ve never been in a better position to deliver the best for those who play on PC: Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda develop content for PC and Xbox, Windows and DirectX teams create technology to help developers and offer features that allow gamers to get the most out of their PC, Xbox Game Pass for PC offers games for every type of gamer and ensures that new titles from Xbox Game Studios can be discovered on the day of the game. their release, and the Xbox application as the Xbox Game Bar continue to evolve. Microsoft

As a reminder, this new policy concerning the Microsoft Store PC will be active from August 1, 2021.

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