Microsoft Teams turns your iPhone into a walkie-talkie

Microsoft has just released a public preview of the Teams Walkie-Talkie app for iPhones. The purpose of this feature is to help frontline workers communicate, says the management of the US giant, which has launched a similar app for Android for more than a year now.

In detail, this application provides PTT (push-to-talk) services for frontline workers, allowing participants to speak one by one, taking turns to speak and listen. Microsoft presents the Teams application as an alternative to workers wearing dedicated and bulky PTT or HF radios. Much like a traditional walkie talkie, the app has a microphone button that users must hold down to speak and then release the button to listen to the other party.

“This push-to-talk experience enables clear, instant and secure voice communication in the cloud, turning employee- or company-owned iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into a walkie-talkie,” Microsoft boasts in a post from blog.

For frontline workers

Another advantage of the application is that users no longer have to worry about frequency interference that affects analog devices, says the management of the American giant. The feature also offers a shield against crosstalk and eavesdropping, and can work in large geographic areas, since it relies on Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

Front-line workers – a classification that covers occupations such as delivery person, home help, maintenance agent, cashier staff or security guard – are a priority target in Microsoft’s growth plans for its Microsoft 365 office suite / Office 365. This is a set of trades made up of workers spending most of the time in the field, on the road or in factories.

Once configured, the walkie-talkie application is accessible from an icon in the navigation bar. Users can only connect to one channel at a time, but they can change channels to listen, or speak on another channel. The app shows how many people are currently logged into the channel.

Source: .com

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