Microsoft would like to make a new Killer Instinct, but can’t Xbox One Mag

We’re starting the week with a rumor that will make fighting game fans prick up. With 23 studios to its credit, there are still a few areas in which Microsoft is fishing a little. Phil Spencer knows the weak points of the brand and regularly reminds that he would like more Japanese games and family titles.

But on the fighting games side too the lack begins to feel even if Warner Bros Interactive recently allowed us to enjoy the excellent Mortal Kombat 11. But again the exclusives of the Street Fighter franchise and The King of Fighters at Sony tip the scales on the side of the Japanese manufacturer.

To counter this, Microsoft would then consider to relaunch its Killer Instinct license, whose last episode accompanied the release of the Xbox One in 2013, before knowing a relatively correct follow-up. The American manufacturer has understood that there is potential but today would face the unavailability of the competent studios to carry out this type of project according to two insiders, including the now famous Jez Corden.

We therefore imagine that Iron Galaxy is currently unable to fulfill this order, but it is also possible that other studios surveyed also gave a negative response. One thinks then of the experts of Arc System Works who, if they had in the idea to take care of a new Killer Instinct one day, could serve us a game of great quality. But so it looks more like a fantasy than anything at the moment.

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