Microsoft: Xbox and Bethesda Softworks Developer_Direct conference confirmed for January 25 without Starfield

This is enough to restart the grim news of recent times a bit. Microsoft will indeed kick off the 2023 conference by hosting its own show at the end of the month, as the latest rumors have suggested. Today, the manufacturer announced its first Xbox and Bethesda Softworks Developer_Direct, which aims to highlight the next games coming to Xbox and PC consoles.

Microsoft goes to the home of Nintendo Direct

Unsurprisingly, Microsoft planned to create their own Nintendo Direct-style show (or State of Play style, if you will). This one has the extended name Xbox and Bethesda Softworks Developer_Direct, which says it all about the content of this show. Obviously don’t expect any surprises from third party publishers as the presentation will focus on games like The Elder Scrolls Online (which will even have its own post-live show), Forza Motorsport, Minecraft Legends and Redfall.

Yes, Starfield is not in the program, as rumors have been circulating. Knowing that the public is very impatient for the most anticipated game in its catalog, Microsoft is clarifying that another Starfield-only show is on the way, even though no release date has been given.

Grab your diaries and take note that Xbox and Bethesda Softworks Developer_Direct will take place on January 25th at 10:00 pm BST. It will be followed on YouTube and Twitch, and you will obviously find all the announcements directly on our website after the broadcast of the show.

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