Microsoft Xbox Cloud Gaming may soon add support for Elden Ring and GTA V

Earlier today, Twitter user Knoebel spotted the Xbox Cloud Gaming pages for Elden Ring, GTA V, and Soul Hackers 2.

While it seemed at the time that these games could not be played through Microsoft’s cloud gaming platform, their listings, which have since been deactivated, are noteworthy as these games are not currently playable through the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. . Currently, only Xbox Game Pass games can be played through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

The addition of non-Game Pass player-owned games to Xbox Cloud Gaming is nothing new, as plans for such support were confirmed by Microsoft a few months ago, but looking at these lists seems to suggest that this evolution of Xbox Cloud Gaming should finally happen. soon.


Also today, another Twitter user, Jadson, saw an advertisement for Game Pass Ultimate featuring Elden Ring. However, it’s unclear if this announcement is only about adding Xbox Cloud Gaming support to Elden Ring for those who already own the game, or if Elden Ring will also be added to the Xbox Game Pass library.

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Update: Microsoft responded with an official statement.

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