Midea S8+: top and high-tech robot vacuum cleaner at a bargain price!

You have probably noticed that if the floor is really dirty, apart from elbow fat and a lot of patience, no vacuum cleaner will give good results. None really? Nope! Because among its advantages, Midea S8+ is able to replace the efficiency of manual cleaning with its powerful vibration cleaning system. It is supported by the pressure of a rotating broom. Quality among many others prepared by Futura.

There are robotic vacuum cleaners that just pick up dust, suck it up and maybe dampen surfaces a bit, and then there are those that go much further. This is the Midea S8+ case sold for an incredible price of 385.99 euros, against 993.77 euros usually on Aliexpress. L’vacuumvacuum Intelligent is part of this category of first-class robots that take care of the thorough cleaning of surfaces, freeing you for several weeks from the slightest tampering with your floors. And it is from the side of autonomy that the peace of mind of households is ensured by its dust collector with a capacity of 2.5 liters. This allows him to do his cleaning job for a good thirty days before he has to empty that tank.

But what sets the Midea S8+ apart from its competitors is its deep cleaning capabilities. Its powerful brush is not limited to picking up dust, debris, animal hair and other items that need to be removed from the floor surface. To clean and loosen the dirt, the device, as it were, hits hard and rubs the floor. For this, technology is used that emits up to 500 energyenergy per minute. If the coverage is carpetcarpetfor greater efficiency, Midea S8+ also wipes it, providing maximum pressurepressure on its center broom. In short, the intense scrub sessions on all fours are over. The two rotating brushes found on most robotic vacuum cleaners pick up dirt from the sides and corners to bring it under the robot at the level of this powerful brush. The rest of the work is done by a 4000 Pa motor, providing suction that leaves nothing on the floor.

Even better, if the surface needs a jet of water to remove stubborn stains, the 200 ml water tank can treat up to 180 m² of area. You can adjust the flow of water to be used fromstatementstatement homemade for a smartphone. It also allows you to manage all the settings of the robot and program it so that it can work while you are away. It is also possible to start remotely. This dashboard will let you know when the surface has been cleaned, as well as whether you need to empty the bin or refill the water tank. It can also be used to control the power and water flow. Mapping your rooms thanks to the navigation system laserlaser the board is also available in the app.

Silence for at least a month

Finally, it should be noted that the app can be linked to a connected speaker, allowing you to start or stop cleaning with a simple voice command. As for its autonomy, in addition to the tank capacity, the vacuum cleaner can work continuously for 150 minutes thanks to the 5200 mAh battery. He’s huge, and anyway, if he runs out ofenergyenergy, it will automatically return to recharge in the docking station, which can be considered compact in its category (454 x 301 x 440 mm). What’s more, when it goes there, it should be noted that the 19,000 Pa tank suction system takes less than 10 seconds to swallow the entire inner tank of the vacuum cleaner. When it comes to disinfection, unlike many competitors, Midea S8+ has an additional advantage. It turns tap water into cleaning water for floor disinfection through a smart electrolytic process. Then sterilization is 99.9% guaranteed. Suffice it to say that the youngest member of the family can even roll on the ground without fear. microbesmicrobes and other sources of dirt.

Discover the Midea S8+ vacuum cleaner!

As we indicated, at the moment the vacuum cleaner is available at a price of 385.99 euros on AliExpress. Here Midea also put pressure on their prices, as the reduction is 61% from the original price of 993.70 euros! In addition to this vacuum cleaner, two more models from Midea are offered: Midea M7 and Midea M7 Pro. The professional version uses a vibration cleaning system and a 4000 Pa motor, like the S8 +. It sells for 227.99 euros against 596.25 euros. The M7 loses a bit in range, but also has 4000Pa suction at a €201.40 minimum price against €530 at regular times. Therefore, big discounts, plus free shipping within three days.

Article produced in partnership with Midea


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