Midnight Fight Express: Sifu’s little brother shows us gameplay

A fighting game halfway between Sifu and John Wick is sharing the final trailer ahead of its release to cheer us up.

Midnight Fight Express is an action game in which we take on the role of a former mobster who decides to clean up the streets of his city overnight. A night that promises to be long, while it will be cruel.

One night to save the city

The software from Humble Games really relies on an intuitive and highly choreographed combat system reminiscent of the excellent Sifu. In addition to our fists, it will be possible to use various weapons and even scenery to eliminate all the threats that stand in our way. The software also promises a lot of customization for his character, as well as a skill tree to improve his stats.

The battle on Switch can wait

Midnight Fight Express is coming to PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4 and Xbox One starting August 23rd. On the other hand, the Switch version will be a bit late due to “a few last-minute issues,” as Humble Games pointed out on their Twitter. Therefore, Nintendo players will have to wait a bit, Humble Games plans “release by the end of September”, but has not yet named the exact date.


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