Minecraft: 200 million sales and 126 million monthly players

While Mojang unveiled its new identity yesterday, Microsoft today released new figures illustrating the longevity and popularity of Minecraft, which celebrates its eleventh anniversary this month.

50 million sales in September 2014 (date of the takeover of Mojang by Microsoft), 100 million in June 2016, 154 million in October 2018, and now 200 million: Minecraft, available on a plethora of platforms and playable in crossplay, continues to ” attracting a massive number of buyers over the years and claims a base of 126 million active players each month. Microsoft is also highlighting its title of “most watched game on YouTube in 2019”, with more than 100 billion views recorded, as well as the 50 million downloads for educational content offered free since last March (and until June next) as part of the containment. Players have an appointment this summer to discover the major update dedicated to the Nether, while the dungeon-crawler Minecraft: Dungeons is expected on May 26.

Source: Microsoft

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