Minecraft Decides to Wage War on NFTs and Blockchain

Mojang’s position in the NFT marks a turning point for the market’s place in the video game industry.

As the NFT market continues to falter, Minecraft is hitting blockchain and non-fungible tokens hard with a public statement against this new kind of market. This is more than just a statement, this decision could have a real impact on the future of NFTs in the video game industry.

Indeed, Minecraft’s place in the gaming world is such that their rejection of blockchain integration is damaging to the market’s image. Minecraft is not only a hugely popular building and creative game, but also the most successful and successful video game and virtual world in the entire industry. If the studio decides that NFTs have no future, what about their place in video games?

Danger for players and their experience

In a statement, Minecraft explains that it has identified a number of risks for its players if NFTs are integrated into it. According to them, the very principle of these tokens is toxic for a simple reason: the lack of equality.

“We have rules in place to make Minecraft a community where everyone has access to the same content. However, NFTs can create patterns of deficiency and exclusion that go against our principles and the very spirit of Minecraft.”

Simply put, the studio therefore believes that the principle of non-fungible tokens creates divisions within communities. According to Minecraft, the absence of NFTs may put some players in a disadvantaged position, pushing them to buy a digital object “at a speculative price and incentivizing investment.”

Blocks: yes, but blockchain: no

In their press release, gaming teams are also reminded of the risks of this market and the many scams that abound in it. The solution is obvious: NFTs and blockchain have no place in Minecraft.

“In order to provide Minecraft players with a secure and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated into our client and server applications. In addition, in-game content such as worlds, skins, and other mods cannot be used by blockchain technologies to create digital goods.

So while Minecraft allows paid in-game content (especially to access certain servers), it is governed by precise rules and cannot be based on a speculative model like that of the NFT. While a virtual world like Minecraft was the perfect platform to advance this market, the studio made the decision to protect its community from the dangers of these tokens and cryptocurrencies. This near-historical decision once again pushes NFT away from the video game industry.

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