Minecraft Dungeons: Cloud Saves Coming May 5

After optimizing Minecraft Dungeons for Xbox Series X | S, the co-developers Mojang Studios and Double Eleven continue to improve their latest hit game with features that are in high demand by the community. Indeed, although the title is edited by Xbox Games Studios, unfortunately it is not part of the program Xbox Play Anywhere. It is therefore impossible to access your Xbox save on your PC, nor even its achievements or DLC, since they are two different versions.

Good news for the players, it will be possible from May 5 to have your backup in the cloud in order to retrieve it on any platform, whether it is your console, your smartphone or your PC.

Regarding the standardization of the Xbox version and the Windows 10 version, however, we still have no information. If you have the DLCs on Xbox, you will likely still not have access to them on your PC despite the save recovery, and vice versa.

We remind you that Minecraft Dungeons benefits from a next gen optimization allowing to play at 120 frames per second in 4K on Xbox Series X and 60 in 1440p on Xbox Series S.

The game is available in the Xbox Game Pass console and PC

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