Minecraft – Mojang Studios says no to NFTs and blockchain

Swedish video game studio Mojang Studios, best known for developing the sandbox game Minecraft, is announcing new rules and new technologies. While implementations of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) could be found on the platform, these, as well as all new blockchain technologies, are now banned. An amazing solution, a priori put forward by part of the gaming community.

Who has never heard of Minecraft? It’s an adventure and free-to-play building game that literally exploded after its official release in 2011. Developed by Mojang, which is none other than a developer owned by Microsoft, Minecraft has proven itself and seduced players from all over the world.

NFTs are slowly taking over the video game world. This is not to the liking of Minecraft developers, who are taking a clear stand today. Indeed, in a press release published today, the studio is announcing its decision not to integrate NFT into its servers. According to them, each of these applications, as well as blockchain innovations, lead to the creation of “digital property based on scarcity and exclusion.” However, this does not correspond to the values ​​of creative inclusion and collective play.

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Prohibition based on fraud and digital exclusion

Apparently, the decision was prompted by a part of the community that complained to the studio. He claims to have received comments from several members asking him to “clarify and clarify Mojang Studios and Minecraft’s position on NFTs. A question that the developers answered by banning them altogether, despite the potential of the platform.

For them, this is contrary to the inclusiveness of the players. Because the creation of NFTs in Minecraft results in “scripting between those who have them and those who don’t” which contributes to digital exclusion. One of the principles of the game is that each user has access to the same content. However, the opposite effect occurs if the content is created using NFT (skins, worlds, objects, etc.).

“In order to provide Minecraft players with a secure and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies cannot be integrated into our client and server applications. And Minecraft game content such as worlds, skins, character items or other mods cannot be used by blockchain technology to create a rare digital asset. »

Press release from Mojang Studios.

Other reasons are also given. On the one hand, they fear that some NFTs are not always reliable and that players will end up hurt, which is obviously not the goal of the game. attention away from the game, encouraging profit.

As for blockchain technology, it seems that their position is more moderate. Because the press release just says they don’t intend to implement it “yet”.

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