Minecraft: The Most Profitable Game … of All Time?

Game News Minecraft: The Most Profitable Game … of All Time?

It is no secret that Minecraft is one of the most successful games and it has quickly established itself as an incredible cultural phenomenon. Today, we hear new and interesting information from a Microsoft employee.

Minecraft has been available on a plethora of platforms for over ten years, and its power is not about to wane. Mojang’s game has seen a number of incredible projects come to fruition and communities keep flowing – it’s safe to say this is one of the highest-grossing games of all time … but is it the most profitable game?

numbers that keep swelling

According to the recently updated LinkedIn CV of Austin Joseph, Xbox Product Marketing Manager, the Minecraft franchise is “the most lucrative of all time” – 200 million copies sold and $ 1.1 billion in sales. An additional $ 50 million for digital purchases compared to 2019.

This Microsoft employee is present to praise the performance of his company against other franchises of the competition: we are talking about giants like Mario, Pokemon Where GTAFor example, we should take a grain of salt at this possibly embellished information. But if Minecraft were indeed the most prolific game in Tenth Art history, we wouldn’t be so surprised.

Source : Austin Joseph (Microsoft) – via LinkedIn

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