Minimal Affect: Comic science fiction A-RPG is coming to PC and consoles

Publisher Sold Out and developer Toadman Studios say they are developing a comic science fiction A-RPG called Minimal Affect.

Minimal Affect will offer you next year a totally absurd trip to the heart of the Milky Way. The Star Alliance Balding Eagle’s eccentric crew takes off on their first trip. In this cast of main characters, find the “charming“Commander Creed, the self-proclaimed indispensable Redshirt member, the engineer”that nobody likes“Larry and K’iara, born of a forgotten race.

On the program, alien battles and a galaxy to save. Your route will be animated by multiple encounters with unique characters. You will be able to learn new skills, take part in side quests, and overall, find the mechanics of a third-person action RPG.

Note a DA halfway between Futurama and Rick & Morty, and a universe inspired by the Mass Effect saga, in an obviously parodic rendering. In addition to its comic appeal, the title also promises you game mechanics worthy of a “Full RPGRasmus Davidsson, creative director of Minimal Affect, said in a press release:

Minimal Affect is our tribute to some of the greatest science fiction RPGs, movies and shows we love above all. While the story is ridiculous, the gameplay certainly isn’t – it’s a full-blown RPG created in the artistic style of adult animation you know and love. It is a supergalactic tale of space adventure, comedy and questionable morality.

Ad Trailer for Minimal Affect

Minimal Affect will launch on PC as well as on “most main consoles“by 2021. You can find the official game site at this address.


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