MINUTE RELAXATION: An artificial intelligence that plays the Playstation for you?

It’s trendy ! Are you tired of holding your controller and playing your new one? Playstation 5 who cost you an arm and a kidney? Well Sony just found a solution to your problem! Soon, it may be possible to activate an option to have an artificial intelligence play for you automatically, without any intervention. Magic, isn’t it?


Today holding a controller is no longer really trendy! So the Japanese giant Sony has embarked on a “different” project, in research on artificial intelligence by opening a division dedicated to this element. This has already started to provide results with a patent for a Playstation Assistant who could, for example, give you instructions on how to beat a boss in a game. Nice? Even if with my experience as a thirty-something I still remember the famous “bible” of secret codes and tips.

And Sony even wants to go further! Why your Playstation 5 wouldn’t play directly for you? The company has just filed a patent that could allow us to automate our gaming practice through artificial intelligence. A default profile would be assigned to the player, and through many game sessions, this AI would learn to refine to stick to the behavior of the latter. He could then activate an option to have the AI ​​play for him automatically, without his intervention.

After virtual reality, artificial intelligence pushed to its limit! Clearly, we will not be able to stop the science and evolution of video games.

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