MINUTE RELAXATION: Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, shortage and puzzles to get the precious sesame.

Last November it was a sensation! Two new game consoles are making their mark on the market even as the covid-19 pandemic is in full swing. Pro-Playstation, pro-Microsoft, the web ignites and geeks around the world are throwing themselves on the few machines available. Problem, the production does not follow and today it is still difficult to get hold of a Playstation 5 or a Xbox Series X.


You have not yet been able to purchase your Playstation 5 or your Xbox Series X ? Well, you will have to arm yourself with patience because these two machines have become a real Holy Grail on the market. A catastrophic semiconductor shortage continues to disrupt large tech companies, and there is even talk of a Nintendo Switch shortage in the coming weeks. Suddenly, the two flagship consoles of the moment arrive drip in stores and are sold even faster than a pair of sneakers at LIDL.

The problem in this specific case is that the Playstation 5 and the Xbox series are the subject of real speculation on the internet. A Playstation 5 including the price is fixed at 399 € in its digital version (without bluray player) and 499 € in its standard version is offered today by many speculators at prices ranging from € 699 to over € 1000. Difficult in these conditions to access the precious sesame knowing that most of the models offered at these prices are not sold “New” but “Like new” and often without original box or already open.

For the Xbox Series X, it’s roughly the same problem, the console whose price is set at 499 € is difficult to find. We have nevertheless seen it for sale at € 599 on a second-hand site (Easy Cash not to name it). Unlike the Sony console, it is on the other hand possible to fall back on the digital model of Microsoft: The Xbox Series S available everywhere for 299 €. It does not include a 4K blu-ray player but will make you happy if you are not already the proud owner of an Xbox One X in which case we advise you to wait nicely.


While the best advice would be to be patient and wait for stock to arrive at a store that will issue you a proper invoice, we do understand the frustration that can be yours. Here are some places where you can find the precious sesame:


Rakuten: 769 € (Standard Version) – 699 € (Digital Version)
Vinted: 680 € (Standard Version)
Ebay: 750 € (Standard Version) – 650 € (Digital Version)
Fnac / Darty: € 399 – € 499 ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Baker: € 399 – € 499 ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Cdiscount: € 399 – € 499 ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Carrefour: € 399 – € 499 ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Micromania: € 399 – € 499 ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)


Rakuten: 700 €
Vinted: 650 €
Ebay: 650 €
Fnac / Darty: 499 € ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Microsoft: 499 € ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Cdiscount: 499 € ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Carrefour: 499 € ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)
Micromania: 499 € ( UNAVAILABLE – TO MONITOR)

Finally, be careful that your impatience does not play tricks on you! Some platforms like “Rabbit Games” and others have great deals but you will never receive your order. The shortage is a boon for scams of all kinds! So stay alert.

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