“Miracle worker” from COVID-19 saved at the insistence of his wife

Peter Simard, badly affected by COVID-19, seemed doomed to die last fall.

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The Quebec was in a coma for over two months. His lungs were in a terrible state. Experts from Harvard University even came to the conclusion, after reviewing his dossier, that there was nothing more to do.

Doctors threw a towel and told his family that Peter Simard’s death was imminent.

However, his wife Celine Lafreniere refused to surrender and urged doctors to do everything to save Peter Simard.

“They took us to his bed and said, ‘Say goodbye.’ I replied: “Let’s go! You have to continue caring, ”Celine Lafreniere said in an interview with her wife on LCN’s Denis Levesque Show.

Doctors were indeed worried that the dialysis that Peter Simard needed would be fatal.

The spouse who refused to give up

Distraught, the latter returned home, but returned the next day and repeated to the doctors that she refused to let her partner die.

So she convinced the medical team to take the risk of dialysis.

Peter Simard’s body responded calmly to the treatment. Her kidneys and intestines started working again, and her lungs healed.

Although the wonder man is still in the hospital, he is getting better. He is due to return home on May 13th.

“I’m glad my wife didn’t give up because I’m still alive and I have five children who need me,” says Peter Simard.


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