Miscellaneous – In Montargis, a bargain point can bring in up to 15,000 euros per day.

It is a point of sale with its young watchers that has a shop on the avenue de Lattre de Tassigny in Montargis.

37,000 euros in small bills found on the spot

After several months of investigation and surveillance, agents of the Orléans Narcotics Brigade, in cooperation with Montargua police officers, arrested four people on Wednesday, December 7th. They are suspected of playing a leadership role in running a major drug dealer in the city.
This business of reselling heroin, cocaine and cannabis can bring, according to our information, up to 15,000 euros per day. Many customers then paraded around the building’s parking lot all day.

Among the four men in their 30s who were arrested, one suspect was subjected to particularly thorough scrutiny.

Harsh sentences for Montargis drug dealers

Released from prison a year and a half ago (after being arrested in 2019 with 27 kilograms of heroin), he will become the manager of this lucrative business.
Three other defendants are also known to police for acts of violence or drug possession. They will have more of a reseller, supplier or logistic role in this traffic.

50 police officers mobilized.

During a major arrest on Wednesday, December 7, when fifty Loire police officers were involved in securing the premises, searches were carried out in the basements and common areas of the building that housed this outlet. Two kilograms of cannabis resin were found at the scene, as well as almost 37,000 euros in banknotes of 10, 20 and 50 denominations. A German brand sedan was also seized.
Heard in connection with their detention in police custody, the four suspects were brought in yesterday and placed in pre-trial detention. Awaiting their trial at the Montargis Court this Wednesday, December 14th.

Sylvain Riollet and Alban Gurguss

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