Misleading 5G commercial practices: Orange is still arguing and wants to make it known

Surprise, this morning a legal message appeared on the website of the online store of the telecommunications operator Orange.

A text that mentions his conviction by a Paris court last year for introducing “misleading commercial practices” in the marketing of “4G/5G” packages.

Reproach? Not presenting “under satisfactory conditions” restrictions on the use of this service, on the one hand, in relation to the actual availability of the 5G network, and, on the other hand, in relation to the actual minimum speeds available.

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But Orange, in addition to the legal obligation that forced him to publish this court report, announced this in the following text, entitled “learn more”, to challenge the “conditions of this decision” and to appeal.

Recall that Orange has been criticized for not being able to provide its customers with effective availability of the 5G network in France. As well as the minimum streams that are actually available. A map of France showing the territories covered was not available when the first proposals were made. Adding a map did not solve the problem, as it was unusable from a practical point of view.

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