Misuse of data is of little concern to consumers

This will put the marketers at ease! Tinuiti research shows that American consumers fear that their online privacy will be used not for commercial purposes, but for illegal purposes. In fact, about half of those surveyed fear identity theft, compared to 9% who fear advertising abuse. Also note that only 8% fear being tracked when browsing websites.

Judging by the numbers, although they are struggling with it, consumers seem to have come to terms with the idea that their personal data may be used. In particular, 20% of them believe that they have control, and 52% believe that online privacy does not exist. An interesting situation, since 90% of those surveyed admit that they take measures to protect themselves; with over 50% saying they delete their cookies and deactivate their smartphone’s geolocation.

Same refrain

Users now realize the value of their data. And when asked what promotional offer would entice them to share their email address, stakeholders voted to lower their rates. Specifically, 29% choose free shipping, 28% choose a discount voucher, and 10% vote for benefits. After all, one in five people simply refuse to provide their email address.

But nothing is lost! The numbers show that the most resistant can change their minds if we are transparent. Accenture research reports that 73% of online consumers are willing to share data if brands explain to them what the data will be used for. Interesting progress when we see that this figure was 66% in 2018.

An advertiser who is able to respect everyone’s privacy and offer a personalized experience need not hide it. Although not always fond of advertising, customers recognize its benefits. 54% of respondents are not sure that they can be followed on the Internet. However, 43% do not mind if he gives them access to content for free, and sometimes reminds them to buy goods that are “useful” for them.

In a word, our world is full of contradictions! We simply note that over-personalizing ads can be counterproductive for consumers who fear they will be followed and targeted.

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