MLB The Show 23 Revealed and Will Release Directly on Xbox Game Pass

Baseball fans will be thrilled to learn more about MLB The Show 23, a new game from Sony San Diego that has just been revealed on the PlayStation Blog.

See you in March!

It is with a trailer to know about the athlete who will be highlighted on the cover that MLB The Show 23 talks about him today. This year, the star of the game will be Jazz Chisholm, who is the focus of this short trailer.

The game will be available March 28 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, as well as on Xbox Series X|S and PS5. As with the previous opus, it will be available directly on Xbox Game Pass on the day of release.

The game will support cross-play as well as cross-progress, allowing you to resume the game no matter what media you are playing on. Other details regarding the novelties of the title will be given in the near future.

Jazz Chisholm Jr.’s electric personality, game play, and love of baseball made him a great choice to appear on the cover of MLB The Show 23. Jazz grew up in Nassau, Bahamas, where he played vacant lot baseball with his friends. As Jazz says, “no referee, no catcher, just bombs and fun, we just played to play.” He never thought a kid like him from the Bahamas would make it on The Show, let alone be on the cover of MLB The Show.

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