MMORPG Corepunk emerges from the shadows and plans its beta

Corepunk development was interrupted last spring after the invasion of Ukraine. After months of silence and restructuring, development is resuming, pending a beta release at the end of the year.

Since its announcement, the MMORPG has aroused a certain amount of curiosity among players, even a certain amount of enthusiasm – in particular regarding its cyberpunk-inspired universe and game mechanics that should prioritize interactions between players (PvE and PvP). Development progressed slowly, however, before being halted last spring following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine – Artificial Core is headquartered in the Netherlands, but the bulk of the development team was based in Kyiv, Ukraine.

After several months of silence, reconstruction and restructuring (part of the development team left Ukraine to settle in Greece and the Netherlands in particular), the project came out of the shadows.

In a brief note published on the official website, the studio indicates that it has resumed work and is once again fully focused on the development of Corepunk. Therefore, beta testing projects are also back in the news, and if the exact date has not yet been set, the developer hopes to be able to welcome its first testers by the end of the year. In anticipation of the details, we note that Corepunk is not abandoned and remains relevant.


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