Mobile app spending fell for the first time in 2022

Despite an increase in time spent on smartphones and an ever-increasing number of app downloads, consumer spending on app stores fell for the first time in 2022.’s annual report on mobile data analytics says the market is down 2% in a year. year on year to $167 billion last year after rising 19% the previous year. In France, app spending fell nearly 5%.

However, the number of hours spent in mobile applications in the world increased by 9%, and the number of downloads – by 11%. Internet users now spend an average of 5 hours per day with their mobile phones in the ten largest markets analyzed by In France, a country outside the top 10, time spent on apps averages 3.9 hours per day.

Decreased spending on mobile games

Most spending has fallen in mobile games. They fell 5% to $110 billion according to, while in other categories they grew by an average of 6% to $58 billion, mainly due to subscriptions and in-app purchases, streaming, dating and short videos. Newzoo, a research company specializing in the gaming sector, for its part, estimates the decline in the mobile games market by more than 6%.

In particular, Chinese publishers dominate the mobile games market, concentrating more than a third of players’ spending. The number one game in terms of revenue last year in the world is called Honor of Kings (Tencent). In France, this is Coin Master. Players spend less, but play just as much: Downloads reach new all-time highs of 90 billion downloads (+8%).

TikTok, monetization success at all levels

While consumers are spending less, brands are still investing more in ads to attract, convert, and monetize them. Advertising spending rose 14% in 2022 to $336 billion. Short video apps like TikTok are expected to drive growth in the advertising market in 2023. In 2022, TikTok also recorded over $3 billion in consumer spending revenue. In France, the app is #1 in spending, ahead of Deezer and Disney+.

The report covers all application sub-genres. Notable results in other categories include a 508% year-on-year increase in segregated payment app downloads in France and a 55% decrease in cryptocurrency trading and investment app downloads in the US.

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