Mobile money, e-banking: Ivorian digital forum scheduled for September 2 and 3 in Abidjan – News

The Ivorian Digital Forum (FID), a conclave that intends to contribute to building an efficient and profitable digital economy in Côte d’Ivoire, is scheduled for September 2-3 in Abidjan on topics related to mobile money. and cryptocurrencies, according to an information note sent Thursday to

This forum is also intended to be a “big meeting” that will bring together professionals and players from the digital world, decision makers, entrepreneurs, students, etc.

“The financial sector is shaped and driven by technological progress. Thus, the digitalization of financial activities is a continuation, not a break. The emergence of bank cards, ATMs or banking telematics has become everyday functions. Digital technologies are profoundly transforming financial activity and the economy,” the note notes, believing that the digital revolution can make life easier for businesses and help them grow exponentially.

In addition, the document added, digital technologies simplify many financial transactions, trade and services: “If you can receive money from anywhere, then you can trade everywhere. Mobile money, online payments and crypto-currencies open up opportunities for businesses, services and products to be available everywhere,” the note also notes.

So how can Ivory Coast accelerate business growth through the use of digital technologies? How can Ivorians learn about new financial models? What ecosystem needs to be built for the digital economy to be profitable and efficient? What are the professions of the future, the prospects for mobile money, e-banking and cryptocurrencies in Côte d’Ivoire?

All these issues will be discussed at this conclave by professionals.

Professional seminars and panels will enhance this meeting, which will end with a relaxing stroll.

L. Barro


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