Mobile plan: why this € 10 offer breaks the game

Are you looking for a cheap mobile plan, understand for less than 10 euros and which ticks all the boxes with unlimited calls, sms, mms and enough data to surf the Internet comfortably in France and abroad? So you should take a close look at La Poste Mobile’s beautiful proposal.

Its 30 GB plan is currently offered at 9.99 euros / month instead of 14.99 usually. A very engaging mobile offer because without time limit, the offer (and the price) will be valid until the contract is terminated by the subscriber.

The operator without commitment therefore offers a mobile offer below the € 10 mark which rivals on certain points with the offers at € 14 and more from the usual tauliers that are Sosh, B & You and RED by SFR. Because it even allows itself to be more generous on the Internet envelope for foreigners. SFR and Sosh indeed offer 8 GB of data for Europe where La Poste offers 10. And what if it was the real good plan plan of the moment?

The postman always rings twice

In details, this mobile plan for less than 10 euros includes:

  • Unlimited calls in France, in the overseas departments and in Europe (3 hours maximum / call and 129 different recipients maximum / month)
  • Unlimited SMS / MMS in France, the French overseas departments and Europe
  • 30 GB of data, in 4G, for Metropolitan France
  • Including 10 GB of data to use in Europe and in the overseas departments
  • A unlimited access Universal Music streaming service

La Poste Mobile’s proposal therefore seems very generous for travelers and will speak to fans of streaming with access to the Universal catalog. Note in the subtleties of use that if you manage to exceed this beautiful Internet envelope of 30 GB, the speed will not be limited but blocked, you will have to opt for recharges billed at 2 € for 100 MB, 500 MB for 5 € or 2 GB for € 7.

Why it’s a good package plan

La Poste mobile relies on the strength of the network and 4G speeds of SFR and also presents the classic unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France, the DOM and from Europe. This 10-euro package therefore seems very balanced with its unlimited price, its comfortable envelope of 30 GB of data for metro France and its 10 GB devoted to Europe and the French overseas departments.

Remember that fixed price without obligation requires, you can change operator when you want while keeping your phone number to take advantage of this offer, the operator will take care of portability.


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