Moe: Arrested driving a Transdev bus, the driver hid 100 grams of cannabis near his seat.

He was caught driving while in possession of a significant amount of drugs. The Transdev bus driver, 31, who lives in Meaux, was checked by a national police patrol on Thursday evening on rue Aristide-Briand in Meaux. The driver crossed the orange light in front of officials. It was this minor traffic violation that prompted the police to take control of the driver.

When the police questioned him, the man made gestures that indicated that he was hiding something. The police then discovered that he had just moved a 100-gram cannabis resin stick next to his seat.

The man was detained at Mo Police Station. Searches of his home and workplace turned up nothing suspicious. He would explain that the drug was for his personal use.

He was released at the end of his detention. He will be tried by the Mo Criminal Court on May 25 with a preliminary guilty plea (CRPC). When contacted, Transdev management declined to comment or answer our questions. Thus, it is not known if the driver was left in the state or if his contract was suspended.

This is the first time that a Transdev driver has landed in Moe’s criminal court dock for this reason.

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