Mojang bans NFT and Minecraft blockchain integration

Minecraft has a huge community of modders and custom servers, and with the advent of NFTs, some custom servers have been looking for ways to integrate blockchain and NFTs with unofficial Minecraft servers. This week, Mojang officially updated its rules for using Minecraft, banning the use of NFT and blockchain technologies.

In an article titled “Minecraft and NFT”, Mojang confirmed that it will not support or allow NFT with Minecraft, indicating that using NFT to sell custom skins or Minecraft worlds is prohibited. Mojang also has no “plans” to bring blockchain technology to Minecraft for the foreseeable future, although they will continue to “monitor” the technology as it develops in case a really practical use case comes up somewhere. However, at the moment, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and market trading are not discussed.

“In order to provide Minecraft players with a secure and inclusive experience, blockchain technologies are not allowed to be integrated into our Minecraft client and server applications, nor can they be used to create NFTs associated with any game content, including worlds, skins, characters. items or other mods.” post reads. “We will also be paying close attention to how blockchain technology evolves over time to ensure that the above principles are maintained and whether this allows for more secure experiences or other practical and inclusive gaming applications. However, we currently have no plans to bring blockchain technology to Minecraft.

While this will turn off the NFT crowd, there are plenty of other ways to integrate microtransactions into custom Minecraft servers, and some servers are aggressively monetized. It’s also something that Mojang should probably look into because, ultimately, Minecraft is a game aimed at a younger audience.

Rafael’s opinion (or question) on this topic: Due to the fact that some monetization systems are already in place for some custom and unofficial Minecraft servers, there are concerns about the growing interest in NFTs and cryptocurrencies. With that in mind, some kind of statement from Mojang was required.

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