Molenbek: Khadija Chau will not be evicted from her apartment

Molenbecoise, of Moroccan origin, Khadija Chau, under threat of expulsion, will be able to live with her four children in her social housing in Molenbec-Saint-Jean pending appeal. So decided the Brussels court of first instance.

Khadija Chau had to leave the premises no later than July 19, according to the decision of the justice of the peace, issued in January last year. The Moroccan filed an appeal against the decision before going to the Brussels court of first instance to have it overturned, while the case will be cleared on appeal. She justifies her approach by the difficulty of finding other social housing, both public and private.

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The court has just ruled in her favor, considering that the eviction would cause more damage to the interests of the mother and her four children than the Molenbekois housing. “Keeping Ms Chau indoors does not result in a dangerous situation on the part of Housing Molenbeekois comparable to that in which she and her children will suffer,” the court ruled in a decision reported by RTBF.

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It is for this reason that the judge decided to “immediately take provisional and protective measures and prohibit the expulsion of Madame Chau and her children. […] until a final decision is made […] on appeal.” For its part, the Brussels Regional Housing Company (SLRB) planned to review the terms of the eviction, especially in the event of an appeal.

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