Mon Livret C Offers Its Crypto Asset Investment Solutions to Wealth Management Professionals

Mon Livret C, a Lyon-based startup that has gained experience in developing investment solutions for cryptoassets, now announces that it specializes in its offering in asset management specialists (CGP, Family Offices, Groups, etc.). The company, which is currently completing its first round of fundraising with private investors, wants to strengthen its innovative position and directly appeal to a market interested in differentiated investment solutions.

Mon Livret C offers a new asset class for money managers

“Within a few years, cryptoassets have won their letters of nobility and have proven their ability to be a long-term investment solution. In France, 8% of the population has already invested in crypto assets, and 30% are considering doing so. More than ever, investors are looking to their financial advisors for solutions to discover this new class of financial assets. To do this, they need reliable partners offering simple, high performance and adjustable products. This is where Mon Livret C comes in,” explains Romeo Ponce-Labouche, co-founder of Mon Livret C.

Established in early 2021 in Lyon, Mon Livret C specializes in providing crypto asset investment solutions to financial management professionals. To do this, the company relies on strong market expertise (professionals from the ecosystem, specializing in risk management and optimization of client positions, constitute an internal “trading room”, player status is regulated (the company is registered by PSAN and PSP in the AMF and ACPR), simple processes (digitized subscription, monitoring of customer positions) and an educational approach focused on learning and proximity to its partners.

There are three product offerings available in the form of management mandates:

– savings account with a 4.2% reward and based on stable crypto-assets (stablecoins);

– A DCA portfolio in which the same amount is invested monthly in the distribution of certain cryptoassets. This technique, very effective in the long run, allows the investor to smooth out his entry level and protect himself from market volatility;

– Several diversified portfolios consisting of stable and more dynamic assets, distributed in accordance with the financial goals of each client.

The company stands out in particular for its ability to deal directly with fiduciary currencies such as the euro (so investments are not made in crypto assets) and to hedge some of its products against foreign exchange risk associated with changes in the euro and dollar exchange rate. rates. First time on the French market.

“We built our offer with the idea that it should be varied and personalized, but always easily accessible. Some of our portfolios offer constant returns, others are more risky but potentially more effective, and still others allow for long-term investments… Our products are suitable for all types of investors and this is a guarantee that our partners will solve the problems of their clients,” explains Mathieu Charré, co-founder of Mon Livret C.

Mon Livret C offers free training to support professionals

Digital assets are now their own asset class. An asset class that could impact the wealth management sector… and create opportunities there.

By proving its potential and then its resilience for more than a decade, cryptoassets have gone beyond the stage of a mere bubble or fleeting attraction. The sector has become structured, institutionalized and, above all, has gained prominence.

By the end of November, Mon Livret C will be posting online a series of 30 free tutorial videos in short modules presented by their team of experts. They, accompanied by more detailed and reasoned written support, will be aimed at answering the main questions that asset managers ask (what assets to offer clients? what taxation is applied? which partner to choose? what risks to analyze? etc.). ).

As such, Mon Livret C wants to play an educational role in its market in order to better understand an asset class that remains hard to reach but seems destined to play an increasingly important role in any investment strategy.

My Livret C in multiple figures/main dates:

● Created in March 2021;

● Incubation with emlion and HUB612;

● PSAN registered with AMF in May 2022;

● 10 current employees;

● 20 active partners, 100 planned for next year.

About my booklet C:

Launched in March 2021 in Lyon by Mathieu Charret and Romeo Poncet-Labouche, Mon Livret C is a startup specialized in the production of investment solutions in crypto assets on behalf of asset management professionals. Its goal is to offer CGPI, family offices and other fintech companies in the savings sector all the tools they need to offer a new asset class to their clients. The startup, which is currently expanding its team, has already attracted about twenty partners and hopes to increase this figure five times in a year.

The startup is incubated in HUB612, an accelerator specializing in supporting fintech startups, as well as in emlyon.

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