Monkeypox: 330 confirmed cases in France

France had 330 confirmed cases of monkeypox virus infections on Thursday, health authorities said, adding that the first infected woman had a partner who had previously reported a rash.

“As of 23:00 June 23, 2022, there were 330 confirmed cases of monkeypox in France,” the French Public Health Agency website says.

The previous report, released on Tuesday, reported 277 cases, including the first for a woman.

The health agency said on Thursday that in this “young woman’s” case, “a partner (unverified) reported that he had a rash 3 weeks prior.”

So far, the current outbreak of monkeypox, which has affected some forty countries, has mainly, but not exclusively, affected men in homosexual relationships with no direct link to people returning from endemic areas.

On Thursday, the WHO urged countries to be vigilant and transparent in the face of a rare outbreak of monkeypox, which has more than 3,200 cases worldwide, pending a decision on whether it is of the highest level of concern.

His decision on whether the situation is a “public health emergency of international concern” is expected to be known until at least Friday.

Monkeypox first presents with a high fever and quickly progresses to a rash. The disease, hitherto seen in a dozen African countries, usually resolves spontaneously in two to three weeks.

Of all the cases observed in France, “227 in Ile-de-France, 22 in Occitania, 21 in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, 19 in New-Aquitaine, 14 in Hauts-de-France, 14 in Provence-Alpes”. Côte d’Azur, 6 in Normandy, 3 in Brittany, 1 in Center-Val-de-Loire, 1 in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, 1 in Pays-de-la-Loire and 1 in Grand Est. .

Among the studied cases, 77% had a genital-anal rash, 73% had a rash on another part of the body, 71% had a fever, etc.

Among the investigated cases, 13 are immunodeficient. Nobody died.

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