Monster Hunter Rise trailer: Capcom presents the Volto Hache

Trailer Monster Hunter Rise: Capcom presents the Volto Ax

The fourteen weapon types in Monster Hunter Rise now have an overview video. It is here the Volto Ax, capable of transforming into a sword & shield and an ax, that we discover.

Introduced in Monster Hunter 4, the Volto Ax relies on a system of vials to load in sword & shield mode to then inflict more damage and perform powerful elemental attacks in ax mode. The new silk tie attack “Performance against use” allows you to ward off a hit with the shield and fill the vials to the maximum. The second silk link attack “Advanced Morphosis” brings mobility since it allows you to propel yourself forward thanks to the filoptera while switching the weapon to ax mode.

See you in January to test it all with the demo that will be available on Nintendo eShop. Monster Hunter Rise will then be released on March 26, 2021 for Nintendo Switch.

By Clementoss, Writing


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