Mont-de-Marsan: using a fishing rod, they traded to finance drug use

It’s a fun way to communicate. The couple were put on trial at Mont-de-Marsan for drug trafficking. But the problem is how it was organized. At the home of a young woman, the couple introduced a technique that was, to put it mildly, original. In order not to fall, they used … a fishing rod. His apartment was on the first floor of a residential building.

The deal was simple: the buyers hooked the ticket, and in return the couple received drugs. Mont-de-Marsan police investigators found a large amount of drugs in the apartment (20 grams of herbal cannabis, 12 grams of cannabis oil, 21 grams of cocaine and 53 grams of heroin), as well as 440 euros in cash and a category D pistol.

The couple asked for a delay to prepare their defense

Big drug addicts and addicts, a man and a woman used this traffic to consume 30 to 40 grams of cocaine per month each. A gram of cocaine sells for an average of 70 euros, which is equivalent to a monthly expenditure of 4,200 to 5,600 euros. The woman regularly engaged in prostitution in order to continue to finance this consumption.

From the looks of it, the couple asked for a reprieve to prepare their defense. They will be judged on 16 September. The man is currently in jail, the woman is under judicial supervision.

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