Montmorency College data being sold on the dark web

Last spring, the Montmorency College in Laval became the target of hackers. Stolen data is now on the dark web.

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It was the government and the police who informed Cégep this week about the presence of data on the underground network.

As the police investigation continues, the Board did not want to clarify the nature of the documents stolen by the hackers. It is also impossible to know the amount of stolen data at the moment.

However, some information from the community may have been compromised: about fifteen of these documents, presented as samples, are for sale to the highest bidders.

But why target the school?

“The reality is that hackers don’t specifically target any place or business. These are attacks that are usually automated (…) If we do not have a good data backup and we have lost important data, we will have to pay. If the data is humiliating, we can pay to buy the world,” explained Eric Parent, cybersecurity expert and CEO of EVA-Technologies.

Data theft in general is on the rise, and Quebec is no exception, according to the Department of Cybersecurity.

By the end of 2021, this ministry has ordered the suspension of 4,000 government websites due to deficiencies that could compromise their security.

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