Montpellier: they’re making a video game inspired by Mozart’s Magic Flute!

A new video game created in partnership with the ARTFX school in Montpellier. (©ARTFX UNM)

Aiming to introduce the public to the works of the repertoire in a fun and innovative way, the National Orchestra of the Occitan Opera of Montpellier has become the first institution in France to offer its audience new video games inspired by the great classics of opera, thanks to a collaboration that began almost six years ago with the ARTFX school in Montpellier, which specializes in visual effects, animation and video games.

This year, ARTFX students have developed an arcade game that invites you to immerse yourself in the audio and visual universe of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s legendary opera The Magic Flute. Following a briefing with the opera team that allowed them to understand Mozart’s work and its Montpellier production, and based on a brief description that gave them more creative freedom, a team of 9 ARTFX 4th year students created a video game as successfully as it did in just two months. fun: Crescendo.

Amazing game

In a magical and colorful graphical universe inspired by the production conceived by Anna Bernreitner and the play’s central and symbolic contrast of day and night, the player identifies with the character of Prince Tamino, who must climb the tower steps. and avoid falling or being caught by the monstrous snake. He can count on the magical power of his flute to unlock levels and overcome obstacles, as well as the benevolent figure of Sarastro to guide him on the right path. In a crescendo of rhythmic action and music, Prince Tamino must reach the top of the tower to free Princess Tamina, the captive of the Queen of the Night. It is in the mythical air of this game that the real final bouquet of music and fireworks ends.

“This is the triumph of courage, love and the light of the day over the darkness of the night”

The intuitive game in French, lasting from 5 to 10 minutes, is intended for a wide audience of adults and children (from 6 years old). All viewers who have a ticket will be able to test it at the Opera Comédie de Montpellier at the free terminal every evening after the performances (January 13, 15, 17 and 19, 2023). It can then be downloaded for free from the Opera Orchestra website (on the show page and on the With You / Video Games page) and used at home in a Windows configuration.

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