Montreal King Xanax Prepares Exit Plan

The Montreal man, considered the “king of the Xanax anti-anxiety drug trade”, wants to be released pending further proceedings to extradite him to the United States.

“We have started negotiations. […] We will present [à la Couronne] exit plan,” one of his lawyers, Claude Boucher, said Friday.

His client Alexandre Baudry was arrested on June 30 at the request of the US authorities, as he is suspected of being a mega-drug dealer on the dark web.

The 31-year-old is also a resident of L’Isle-de-Seur, who was at the center of an attack on his luxury apartment last May. The two attackers then attacked him to get the password to his digital wallet, which could contain tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrency, according to Le Journal.

“Professional criminal”

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has been investigating Baudry for several years and believes he allegedly sold millions of smuggled Xanax pills on the dark web under various aliases such as AlpraKing.

In a Reddit post attributed by US authorities to Baudry, the latter boasted of being a former darknet thief in law.

New development

The lawyer for the 30-year-old man announced in court on Friday that an “exit plan” will be presented to the Federal Crown in connection with a new development, namely the receipt of a list of items seized during a search of his client’s home, which has been in custody since the arrest.

In the event that the prosecutor in the case waives the release plan, a motion will be filed for his release.

U.S. Attorney’s Office feared in its petition that Baudry would run away because of the fortune he had amassed in bitcoin.

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