Moonwalkers are the fastest shoes in the world

Shift Robotics has created a new form of shoe called the Moonwalkers, giving users “the world’s fastest shoe.” Ergonomic hinge system. The shoes have been specifically designed to help you walk faster and can be worn with any style of shoe.

Equipped with gesture control, magnetic buckles and unique technologies. The Moonwalker shoes allow you to walk 2.5x faster, offering “a magical new way to walk, but at the speed of a run.” Special priced upfront contributions are now available for a completed project from around £1,193 to £1,013 (depending on current exchange rates).

Lunokhod shoes

“Take the first steps into the future. With an intuitive AIpowered transmission, you can walk at the speed of a run. It’s like a moving track… on your feet. Ergonomic pivoting system allows the foot to flex naturally at the toes while maintaining mobility and balance. With Moonwalkers, you can stay on the sidewalk. Our artificial intelligence uses machine learning algorithms to adapt to the user’s gaits, turning them into extensions of human legs.”

moon rovers

If the Shift Robotics crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required target and production goes smoothly, worldwide deliveries are expected to take place around April 2023. To learn more about the Shift Robotics Moonwalkers project, watch the promotional video below.

“Moon rovers don’t accelerate with our electronic multilayer brake protection. Our two modes, Lock and Shift, only move when you do. This means you can go up and down stairs, get on public transport, and wait confidently at a crosswalk. You can stop less than 1 meter from top speed and we will automatically adjust your speed downhill.”

Lunokhod shoes 2022

“Get to your destination quickly and effortlessly in less than half the time, and your walking speed is increased by 250%. With Moonwalkers, you can pick up dry cleaners across town, carry those grocery bags a little easier, pick up lastminute dinner groceries a lot faster, or do something else with much more ease.”

For a complete list of all available pledge options, additional objectives, additional materials, and specs for Moonwalkers, visit the official Shift Robotics Crowdfunding Campaign page using the link below.
Source: Kickstarter

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