More iOS 16 beta 6 features revealed (video)

Last week, Apple released the iOS 16 6 beta and the iOS 16 4 public beta. We’ve seen several videos of the software in action before, and now we have more details.

We now have a new video from Zollotech that will take you through some of the additional features found in Apple’s latest iOS beta software.

As you can see from the video, the iOS 16 software update brings a number of new features to the iPhone.

The iOS 16 beta 6 update brings a new lock screen to iPhone as well as several new customizable widgets, as well as some exclusive features for iPhone 14 Pro models as they will have an alwayson display.

There will be updates to many of Apple’s own apps, including Mail, Safari, Maps, FaceTime, and more.

We expect Apple to release its iOS 16 software update next month along with the new iPhone 14, with the phone rumored to go official on September 7th.

We expect preorders for the new iPhones to start on September 9th, with the phone launching on September 16th. If these dates are correct, iOS 16 should be released sometime between September 7th and 16th.

Image source and credit: Zollotech

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