More than 6 years after the release of Skyrim, this player discovers a strange, unlikely

You thought everyone had polished Skyrim to the ground? The player comes to make you lie with this mysterious discovery.

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A disturbing discovery in Skyrim years later

Like any good self-respecting open world game, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is full of little details, secrets, winks and other easter eggs left here and there by the Bethesda teams. While some were discovered shortly after the release of the game, i.e. in 2011, others are much more careful and take years to discover. This is the case of this little secret that has been kept warm for over 6 years.

Chicken Necromancer?

While traveling south of Fort Jwara, the player has a very strange encounter: a necromancer is praying in front of an animal bone sculpture surrounded by four chicken corpses. If you ever want to talk to him, know that he attacks as soon as he sees… resurrecting dead chickens around him with a strange spell!

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Zombie chickens come to life and start running. While necromancers are definitely not inspiring and can be impressive, the latter does not pose a huge threat: a few swings of the sword will be enough to eliminate it.

After defeating the sorcerer, you will not find anything unusual on his remains, except for a book of spells and an egg. What was he doing here? It’s hard to make sense of this riddle unless it’s a necromancer fan… KFC?

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