More than four out of ten employees were on sick leave in 2022, study says – Science et Avenir

More than four in 10 employees were on sick leave in 2022, increasingly due to mental health issues, according to the annual survey by social welfare group Malakoff Humanis, released Thursday.

According to a Malakoff Humanis press release, 42% of employees received sick leave, which is the same as in 2016 (41%), after a significant drop during the Covid period (36% in 2020 and 38% in 2021).

These judgments mostly refer to young people aged 18-34 (46%), while people over 50 are underrepresented (34%). Women are also arrested more often than men, with the gap widening from 6 points in 2016 to 11 points in 2022.

The length of sick leave among executives has decreased (40% compared to 46% in 2019 and 42% in 2021).

The healthcare sector has the highest number of arrested employees (53%), while trade and industry has seen the strongest growth since 2020: +12 points in trade and +10 in industry.

Aside from Covid, sick leave assignments have remained stable since 2020 and affect 33% of employees (37% aged 18-34, 27% aged 50 and over).

The share of Covid-related outages increased from 6% in 2020 to 12% in 2021 and 22% in 2022.

With the exception of Covid, common illnesses (flu, colds, sore throats, etc.) are the leading cause of shutdowns (27%), ahead of psychological distress and occupational exhaustion, which cause 20% of shutdowns (up from 17% in 2021 and 15% in 2020). ), exceeding musculoskeletal disorders for the first time (16%).

Mental disorders are also the main cause of long stoppages: 28% in 2022 compared to 14% in 2016, which outnumbers accidents.

Stops for psychological reasons are more related to people raising children alone, women, leaders, healthcare, middle professions.

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