More time on social media

The numbers just dropped. 2022 set a new record for time spent on social media. According to (formerly App Annie), over 2 trillion hours have been spent on Android devices alone. This is a 16.7% increase compared to 2021 with 1,740 billion hours.

Beyond the time that this represents, the past year above all shows significant changes in how we consume content on social platforms. Video is taking over in terms of format, and monetization is taking it a step further.

While TikTok is gaining momentum, Meta still dominates the market, including Facebook and Instagram. And if we look at other applications, we can see that in recent months, Internet users have become more interested in authentic experiences. Proof of the success of BeReal and millions of new users; including 5.3 million since 2019 in the US.

Whether this is a passing fantasy or a real transformation of the social media landscape remains to be seen. The minimalist aspect and lack of ads is BeReal’s forte, but it also limits its headroom.

Time is money !

In the category of applications with the highest income in 2022, TikTok won. The monetization of TikTok is unprecedented. In the United States, the social network recorded an average monthly revenue of $0.85 per user. The second platform in the ranking is Snapchat with a monthly income of $0.05 per user.

“TikTok Coins” allows you to buy goods online or pay tips to content creators. The recipe for the social network and its success thus gives hope to other platforms that hope internet users will consume a little more at home. This requires combining several ingredients: the right content, the right timing, the right application… In short, it’s always harder than it looks!

The report also notes that the United States has now overtaken Japan and China as the country where people consume the most through social apps. Apart from these three, other markets account for 40% of purchases made on social networks, up from 30% in 2019.

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