Morocco: Cannabis, a juicy market of 900 million euros / year

Morocco: Cannabis, a juicy market of 900 million euros / year. The seller earns 6000 euros per month, the reel 2500 euros, the manager up to 9000 euros / year.

A recent report by French journalists and broadcasts estimated that a cannabis seller earns 6,000 euros per month, while the vigilante or reseller earns around 2,500 euros, while the business manager can earn up to 9,000 euros / year. In Algeria, the figures, converted into dinars, are not far off. These huge profits mainly benefit Moroccans, especially when it comes to retail cannabis resale in Algeria, the Sahel and Western Europe.

Moroccan customs seizures in raw materials or in cash fill the coffers of the secret services, mainly the DGED, and serve to keep Abdellatif Hammouchi’s black coffers to pay armies of journalists, MEPs and diplomats from around the world, too. as for doing the “dirty work” and paying the henchmen and second knives.

This is due to the economic cost and what the cultivation of cannabis brings to Moroccans. The social cost is much higher: cannabis has become a common consumer product in many countries, such as Algeria, Tunisia, France, Spain, Italy, etc., despite being prohibited by the legislation of the aforementioned countries. The devastation caused is also terrible.

In 2000, it can be estimated that more than 30% of young people between 17 and 30 years old had already experimented with cannabis use. You only have to look at the reports from the police, the gendarmerie and the DND to see how the scourge has crept into society to destroy it from within.

The social cost of cannabis, that is, the cost of cannabis for the community, in each country, has been estimated by UN experts at one billion euros. In addition to the health and public order problems posed by its consumption that would justify the prohibition of its use, cannabis is classified on the list of narcotic drugs and as such, the possession, sale, importation and cultivation of this drug is prohibited by law. . Hence the establishment of various security services for the monitoring, detection and interception of Moroccan cannabis en route to Algeria, which, year after year, causes the country’s public treasury to bleed to death. ‘Algeria.

This juicy market of 900 million euros / year has created a universe of its own: it has its codes, its passwords, its leaders, its barons, its fiefdoms, its lairs, its routes, its bosses, its mafia, its banks, and its stratifications. : farmers, buyers (in origin, in Morocco), their freight forwarders, their smugglers, their distributors, to reach small consumers (Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Niger, Sudan, Egypt, as well as Western Europe, mainly Spain, France, Portugal and Italy), located on the north coast of Morocco and the Mediterranean, so “close”).

L’Express, 10/21/2021

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