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The 3rd phase of training in the medical and therapeutic use of cannabis started this Saturday at the Pharma 5 Laboratory Pharmaceutical Academy in Buscourt. The courses will be taught by American and Israeli experts and physicians for physicians, pharmacists and nurses.

The 3rd phase of the training program Kif Takwine and on the medicinal and therapeutic use of cannabis for doctors, nurse pharmacists was launched on Saturday at the headquarters of the Pharmaceutical Academy in Buskur under the theme “Medical cannabis, from the plant to the place of therapy”.

Organized by the Moroccan Cannabis Consultative Association (AMCUC) in partnership with Pharma 5, one of the three pharmaceutical laboratories licensed to work with cannabis, this training day will allow 20 doctors and pharmacists to gain knowledge about medicines. and the therapeutic use of cannabis.

This third phase of the training program aims to take advantage of the world’s successful medical use of cannabis in the healthcare system and make it available to patients on medical prescriptions issued by doctors or pharmacists. patients to strengthen the capacity of healthcare professionals.

Cannabis is legal in Morocco. Infographic: Mohamed Mhannawi / Le Desk

The President of AMCUC, Prof. Redoine Rabii, who led the seminars on “Why Cannabis for Medical Purposes” and “Approved Therapeutic Indications for Cannabinoid Derivatives”, pointed out that the Ministry of the Interior, the Moroccan Cannabis Regulatory Agency and the Ministry of Health are putting in a lot of effort. efforts to create this training program.

Land preparation before production

“In three months we will have the first production of therapeutic cannabis in Morocco, and for this we need to prepare the ground with the training of healthcare workers (doctors, nurses and pharmacists),” he continued.

He noted that cannabis is not a plant that we know, we need to know its side effects, its ingredients, its dosage and especially the indications that are currently supported by science.

“Diversity of Cannabis Plants, History of Beldia, Treasure of Morocco”, another topic of the day was moderated by Mia Lahlou Filali, General Manager of Pharma 5 Group. “Aspects of Medical Cannabis Regulation in Morocco” were presented. by Prof. Ahmed Labid, Senior Consultant, while “Cannabinoid Derivatives (CBD and THC), Pharmacopeia” were discussed by Prof. Abdelmumen Mahli.

Cannabis is legal in Morocco. Infographic: Mohamed Mhannawi / Le Desk

In addition, Pharma 5 management visited the site, including the Smart Factory, control and development laboratories, and the supply chain.

In this third phase, participants in this training will benefit from several courses delivered by international experts and physicians from the US and Israel, two countries with extensive experience in strengthening the medical cannabis industry.

AMCUC has signed several partnership agreements with national and international universities, laboratories, players in the medical industry sector, research centers and international organizations to develop a global training program covering all industries related to cannabis, in particular those focused on the production of medicines. .

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