MotionInput lets you control your computer with gestures

If you are interested in learning more about how you can control your computer using different voices, facial expressions, hand gestures, eye movements and larger body movements. You may be interested to know that researchers at University College London have developed software in the form of MotionInput that allows you to do just that.

Control your computer with gestures

Now in its third generation of development, the software is available as a free, noncommercial download from the Touchless Computing website at the link below. Currently, the software only supports Windows, but the researchers plan to release versions for macOS, Linux, and Android.

“UCL MotionInput v3 is our latest noncontact computing software. This is a means of interacting with a PC without having to touch it, using only a webcam. The user interacts with this software on their PC using hand, head, face, whole body and speech gestures. The software analyzes interactions and converts them into mouse, keyboard and joystick signals, making full use of existing software. The software was developed by scientists and students from the Department of Computer Science at University College London.”

“UCL MotionInput v3.03 Multitouch on Air is an educational use case with low cost computers, TVs and a webcam. Contactless (noncontact) digital interactive whiteboards and learning tools such as live captioning, voice command cancellation (click, double click, right click, maximize, start menu, etc.), web page navigation, and application interaction with Windows applications. Works with Windows 10 and Windows 11. Multitouch in air mode was developed by Siam Islam and Prof. Dean Mohamedalli of UCL Computer Science.”

Source: Contactless Computing: Registration

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